Our Ultimate Guide to Wooden Trains

Favorite Train Activities

An easy, temporary way to turn any wooden train into a LEGO train. A fun design project for kids from Play Trains!

Design Your Own LEGO Wooden Train

Early on, the Little Engineer developed an interest in designing his own wooden trains. I’ve often wished that LEGO made a train that was compatible with wooden train tracks, but could be customized with any LEGO bricks he wanted to use. The answer was to make our own LEGO wooden train hybrid! By temporarily attaching…

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Train Track Counting Activity and Busy Bag from Play Trains!

Train Track Counting Activity and Busy Bag

Over the past few years, I’ve had fun thinking up ideas for little activities and busy bags to put in my purse that are tailored to my son’s interests. So, as you can imagine, we’ve played a lot of trains in a lot of different ways at restaurant tables. Here’s a simple train track counting…

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