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Our Ultimate Guide to Wooden Trains

Favorite Train Activities

Play Dough Train Set from Play Trains! put together a train-making set for kids with play dough and Duplo bricks.

Play Dough Train Set

This activity started from a simple question: “Mama, do they make Play-Doh train sets?” We did a quick search on the internet to confirm that no, Play-Doh didn’t have a train-making set. Disappointment was just starting to set in when I suggested, “Why don’t we make our own play dough train set?” His eyes lit…

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Ice Train Play @ Play Trains! http://play-trains.com/ice-train-play/

Ice Train Play — Winter Fun for Any Season

Ice and snow have been a recurring theme in our train play, no matter the season. First we froze toy trains in ice and found many different ways to play with snow (real or pretend) and trains. This summer, we made a train out of ice and sent it whooshing around our deck. The logical next step was to haul…

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Summer Train Fun

Waterproof Play Pictures: Flower Train @ Play Trains! How to make photo play pieces for water play and messy play, plus a little parenting wisdom gained along the way.

Waterproof Play Pictures: Flower Train

When I made these laminated train pieces, I wasn't planning to incorporate them in water play. But now that we've happened upon that use for them, I can't wait to make more!  These waterproof play ...

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These DIY mini beach balls are so much fun for tropical wooden train layouts and summertime small worlds!

DIY Mini Beach Balls

In the midst of trying to get Epic Fun for Kids -- our new blog and YouTube channel -- up and running, I've been making preparations for the coolest summer wooden train layout ever. (At least, I'm ...

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Featured Train Activities

Toy Surfboard Summer Craft for Kids from Play Trains!

Toy Surfboard Craft for Kids

This surfboard craft for kids is a great way to bring favorite toys into water play. The Little Engineer had so much fun pretending his toys were really surfing! Plus there's a lot of hands-on science going on, as kids try to get the toys to stand up on their surfboards. It would also be fun to make ...

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An easy, temporary way to turn any wooden train into a LEGO train. A fun design project for kids from Play Trains!

Design Your Own LEGO Wooden Train

Early on, the Little Engineer developed an interest in designing his own wooden trains. I've often wished that LEGO made a train that was compatible with wooden train tracks, but could be customized with any LEGO bricks he wanted to use. The answer was to make our own LEGO wooden train hybrid! By ...

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