Toy Train Deals on Amazon Through 9/6/15

Toy Train Deals in the Amazon Prime Member Appreciation Event (through 9-6-15) -- these deals were truly too good to not share! Especially the lowest price I've ever seen on one of the best train sets ever. Get your Christmas shopping done early! (If you aren't an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial.)

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it hard to resist a great deal on a wooden train set. I usually glance at any toy sale Amazon has to see if there are any good train deals that I can pass on to my readers, but in this case I was truly shocked at how many of our favorite trains and train sets were on the list for exceptionally good prices. I searched through all the toys and discovered some spectacular deals on wooden trains and other toy trains, including the lowest price I’ve ever seen on one of the best wooden train sets ever. Look below to see what I found, including great deals on Brio trains, Green Toys trains, and more!…

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Fall Train Fun

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Our Ultimate Guide to Wooden Trains

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Dress Up Costumes for Toy Trains from Play Trains! A fun way to decorate wooden trains (or other toy trains) without damaging them.

Dress Up Costumes for Wooden Trains

Whether for Halloween or an afternoon of pretend play, kids love dressing up. When the Little Engineer extended the need for costumes to his stuffed animals, I thought, why should they have all the fun? So I figured out a way to make dress up costumes for his wooden trains as well. It’s a fun,…

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Parents' Guide to Building with Dreamup Toys Wooden Railway Block Platforms -- how to combine your child's wooden train track and DUPLO, LEGO, or other interlocking building blocks!

Building with Dreamup Toys Wooden Railway Block Platforms

If your child has ever wanted to be able to combine DUPLO or LEGO blocks with wooden train tracks, good news: there’s a new product designed to connect tracks and bricks. Dreamup Toys sent us some of their Wooden Railway Block Platforms to test out, and I’m extremely happy to report that they do exactly what…

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