DIY Train Track Valentines

If you’re looking for an unusual — and unusually pretty — train valentine for your child, these DIY train track valentines might be just the thing! And they’re easy to make: all you need are cards (or thick paper) and markers.

DIY Train Track Valentines from Play Trains!

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Even though the Little Engineer had already picked out these great train valentines to hand out at preschool on Valentine’s Day, I’d been wanting to make some sort of homemade train valentines.  At least one for him, if nothing else.

But until today, that’s where my inspiration stopped and started.  After gathering a ton of train valentines on my Pinterest board for them, it seemed like everything (especially every bad train pun) had already been done.

Then, on Saturday evening, the Little Engineer and I were making valentine mailboxes for Thomas and Percy, to continue playing with the book inspiration for our valentine train layout, Valentine’s Day in Vicarstown.  It was late in the day, so I mostly was just squirting glitter glue in random colors and shapes on the shoebox in front of me.  But one thing I did take the time to do were some train tracks.

DIY Train Track Valentines from Play Trains!

I really liked the rainbow railroad ties, especially because they reminded me of a drawing activity we like to do together. Off and on, we go through phases where we draw a lot of train layouts on paper. Early on, the Little Engineer showed an interest in playing around with the color of the ties.

I remember how proud I was the first time he took the marker from me and drew in recognizable railroad ties along the rails I’d already drawn. Between the visual appeal and the sentimental value, I knew I finally had the inspiration I’d been looking for.

The next morning, I found a blank card and grabbed my Sharpies.  With a silver Sharpie, I drew the rails. (If you don’t have a silver marker, you can use a gray one. And of course any type of marker could work here.)

DIY Train Track Valentines from Play Trains!

Then I drew in the railroad ties in all different colors. The easiest way to draw them without drawing over the rails is to start with a dot on the outside of one rail, draw a dash between that rail and the next, and then another dot on the outside of the other rail, all in a line. The trickiest part is getting the spacing between the railroad ties right.  I always put them closer together than I intend to.

DIY Train Track Valentines from Play Trains!

Because I had decided to connect my track heart up to tracks going in other directions, I made the heart itself red and pink to make sure it stood out.

That’s it.  It took maybe ten minutes to draw, including figuring out what I wanted to do.

The Little Engineer was quite inspired himself, and drew his own version to give to me (or rather to my current alter ego, Alma Bunny, to go along with his near constant portrayal of Poppy Cat this week), complete with railroad ties.

DIY Train Track Valentines from Play Trains!

We wrote messages to each other on the inside of our cards.  The one he gave me has a map to Downton Abbey, where Poppy Cat has invited me to tea for Valentine’s Day.  (Didn’t you know that all passenger trains go to Downton Abbey for tea time?  We’re still not sure how he latched onto that as a the perfect place to go to have tea, but we’ve been going on Big Engine to Downton Abbey for months now.)

Then we put them in addressed envelops with heart stickers for stamps and played Mail.  The Little Engineer must like the valentine I gave him, because he won’t even let me read it to him.  He wants to hold it, and read it, himself.

After playing that for a while, I returned to the table to make a rainbow track heart card more like my original idea.  I added a bad pun, and gave it to the Little En — I mean, Poppy Cat to play more Mail with.

DIY Train Track Valentines from Play Trains!

Unfortunately, I’m out of white blank cards, which would have looked better.  The Little Engineer was also disappointed by not getting a white card, so I guess I need to restock.


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    LOVE THIS IDEA!! I just found your site and I’m so happy because I have a son who loves trains as well. I’m going to make him a train track Valentine this year! I’ll be back to check out more of your ideas.

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      I always love to hear when another mom with a train lover finds the blog! It makes me so happy. I’d love to see a picture of your valentine when it’s done. :) Welcome!

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    That is such a pretty Valentine. And I just love that your little enginer made one for you too! Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That!

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      I should have known he’d want to make one too, considering how much he likes drawing in the railroad ties, but I wasn’t thinking about that and it was a really pleasant surprise.

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    i am so glad you left a comment on my blog, so that I could find your amazing site!! I’m so so loving all your train posts, such cute ideas you have got!! I’ll be back to check out more of your ideas.

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    My grandson would have loved these cards! I am going to have to save this for next year when he is ready to hand out cards to his friends. He is also a HUGE train lover!!

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