Fall Pom Pom Tree — Fine Motor Activity

This fall pom pom tree activity is as pretty as it is fun! I think it could even work as a combination kids’ activity and centerpiece at Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite part is the acorns — they look so cool in the tree, plus they add so much to activity by presenting an added challenge to fine motor skills and a tactile contrast to the light, fluffy pom poms. Like our Halloween Carnival Pom Pom Trees, the autumn tree can be added to train layouts or other small worlds.

Fall Pom Pom Tree -- a fine motor activity for autumn from Play Trains!

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To set up the activity, you’ll first need to make a pipe cleaner tree. I made this one in fall colors the same way I made the spooky pipe cleaner trees I wrote about in October, only this time I used brown 3 mm pipe cleaners. (The super thin 3 mm pipe cleaners are hard to find in the regular craft stores, but some of the big variety packs of pipe cleaners include them, so look through a few packs to see if you can find them.) I also incorporated some red, orange, and yellow ones.

Fall Pom Pom Tree -- a fine motor activity for autumn from Play Trains!

Once you have the tree, put it in the center of a wide, shallow dish or bowl and arrange the acorns and pom poms around it. You might want to put a pom pom or two in the tree to indicate how a child might want to use the materials.

Fall Pom Pom Tree -- a fine motor activity for autumn from Play Trains!

That’s pretty much it! As simple as it was, this one was really fun to play with. Being both heavy and slippery, the acorns have a tendency to slip through the branches and fall, where as the pom poms cling to the pipe cleaners. This is definitely a fun and creative way to play with scientific concepts like gravity, weight, and texture.

Fall Pom Pom Tree -- a fine motor activity for autumn from Play Trains!

When we put the tree in our Halloween train layout, I also incorporated the leaves we punched out of construction paper with a decorative leaf punch. They added even more variety to our exploration of how to get different types of objects to stay up in the tree. Being small, they were prone to falling through, but their lightness and shape also allowed them to get caught in the branches.

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